Chapter 10: Probability

Parents and guardians,

We are now in chapter ten out of sixteen in the program. Chapter ten involves probability which is a fun topic as there are lots of real-life connections. This chapter is also the last chapter before the program turns to purely eighth-grade topics. The test is scheduled for next Friday, March 4.

One of the activities in this chapter involves creating simulations. This weekend, I've assigned homework that requires students to create simulations and ask that students check out This website provides random number generators, coin flippers, dice rollers, and much, much more. We used the "sequence generator" in class. I think it's pretty neat.

What you can do at home: Check out yourself and ask your child about the simulations he or she created for the weekend assignment. Even better, work through it together!

As always, please let me know if there are any questions or concerns,
Ms. Vila