4th Quarter Update

7A Parents and Guardians,

We are in quarter four and in chapter 13 of 16 in the accelerated program - wow! You will have an 8th grader on your hands before you know it.

Students began chapter 13 before April vacation and have continued through the chapter this week. The test is scheduled for this upcoming Monday. Having this chapter, a chapter on the big topic of linear equations, split apart by April vacation was not my ideal. I have reminded students many times to review the sections covered before April vacation so they are well prepared for the test. Also, the final sections of this chapter are not easy. I encouraged students to stay after school today and/or tomorrow if they can to ask questions regarding homework, classwork, etc. I have also encouraged students to use desmos.com to check their homework and play around with linear equations.

What you can do at home: Open this desmos link, press the "play" buttons one at a time, and have your child explain what is going on. Press both "play" buttons to watch the line go a little crazy. The kids got a kick out of this in class. (If the link doesn't work, go to desmos.com, click 'start graphing', click the menu button on the top left corner, then click 'slope-intercept form.)

Thank you for your support at home!
Ms. Vila