Snow Day Work

Dear parents and guardians,

We have another snow day tomorrow (Monday) so I thought I'd send out a few ideas for staying busy in a productive way.

1. Khan Academy practice -- if students have their username and password at home they can log in and complete practice sets.  I just updated the sets for them at

2. Puzzles & brain games -- I've compiled a list of math puzzles and brain games.  Click and scroll to the bottom of the page here --> 

3. Previewing what's coming up -- students can always look ahead in the book to get a head-start on the next lesson(s).  We are scheduled to go over section 10.4 next time we meet.  They can use the book (hard copy or online) or their packet (if they have it at home) for this.

Again, this is all optional.  Thank you and I hope to see students on Tuesday!

Ms. Vila