Final Update (2016-2017 School Year)

Parents and guardians,

I can't believe it's June - this year has flown by!  Please see below for some end-of-year information.

Week of June 5th (next week)

Regular week except for half day on Wednesday and field trip on Thursday.  The last chapter test (#16) is scheduled for Tuesday.


Finals Week for team 7A

Monday, June 12: Regular Day

Tuesday, June 13: Science Fair (this will count for their final grade)

Wednesday, June 14: Social Studies Final Test

Thursday, June 15: Math Final Test*

Friday, June 16: ELA "Final Test" (but will only count as classwork)


Spirit Week for team 7A (Students are encouraged to dress for the theme!)

Monday, June 19: Olympics/USA Day (weather permitting)

Tuesday, June 20: Pajama/Mismatch Day

Wednesday, June 21: Hawaiian Dance

Thursday, June 22: Last day of school & 7A Awards Ceremony

*To help prepare students for their math final, we will study together during the few classes between Tuesday's chapter 16 test and the final test on June 15th.  However, students are expected to do studying on their own in order to review all the material (chapters 1-16).  There is a lot to review and I will help students organize the content so that it is not too overwhelming.  I am after school for extra help on June 5, 6, and 13 as well.  I'm also after school on the 15th (after the final test) if anyone would like to debrief the year!

Lastly, math grades are always posted to SchoolBrains (let me know if you can't log in) and I am happy to clarify questions regarding grades.  During the open house, I told parents that students should aim for an average year grade of 77% (C+) in order to "qualify" for the Algebra 1 course next year.  Some students have fluctuated above and below that mark and may be close to that 77% number for the year.  Some of you may also be wondering if your child "should" move on given their grades and/or the amount of struggle they may have experienced this year.  I'm happy to discuss further if you'd like - just email me.

Ms. Vila