Putting the "Accelerated" in Accelerated Math

Accelerated Class Parents/Guardians,

Students took the Chapter One test on Thursday, Sept 17, and scores can be viewed on Edmodo. While I will keep tests in student portfolios in class, I'm happy to send home these portfolios at any time.

We began Chapter Two on Friday, Sept 18. This chapter is very short, having only four sections, and the Chapter Two test has already been scheduled for Friday, Sept 25. The test will make sure students are comfortable with converting between fractions and decimals as well as adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions, decimals, and positive/negative numbers. While it should be mostly a review chapter, students may have trouble with the compounded layers. For example, students may be very comfortable adding negative numbers and they may be very comfortable adding fractions, but may need extra practice in adding negative fractions. These types of problems will be a large part of my focus in class this week.

What you can do at home: Check in with your child, especially around Tuesday or Wednesday, to see how it's going. You may want to ask, "What's the trickiest kind of problem you've seen in this chapter so far, what makes it so tricky, and how do you go about solving it?" (Also, don't forget to take a look at that Chapter 1 score!)

Thank you for your continued support at home. Please note I'm after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays as a general rule but can stay after school on Monday of this week as well.

Ms. Vila

PS: I have created a separate blog for the accelerated math class. Please email me if I have placed you in the wrong list. For those with children in both sections, I believe I have kept your email on both lists.