Last Update 2015-2016

7A Accelerated Class Parents and Guardians,

The last few weeks have been very busy. Students took their final tests and those scores have been up on Edmodo. We then celebrated with Spirit Week. Activities included writing someone a sincere thank-you note, water-coloring, participating in our annual '7A Olympics', and decorating t-shirts - see pictures here.

I met with the class one last time on Thursday of Spirit Week (June 16). At that time I gave students an optional summer packet. This packet contains problems from chapters 3 and 13, which are the "most important" chapters going into the Algebra 1 course according to the 8th grade teachers. In fact, it was the students' idea to have me create this packet! Some are worried of forgetting concepts and skills over the summer. Others felt they weren't able to master these chapters due to the fast pace of the course. To be clear, the 8th grade teachers will not expect this packets next year and it is completely optional.

We now have only two half-days left:
June 20: Hawaiian dance for all 7th graders at the Andrews
June 21: Last day of school - clean-out classrooms/lockers and report cards go home

I can't thank you enough for all of your support this school year. I wish each and every student a great summer and a wonderful 8th grade year. I told them all I'll be one floor away if they need me.

What you can do at home: Please take our team end-of-year parent survey. We promise it's short! Click here.

Have a wonderful summer,
Ms. Vila