Next up: Expressions and Equations (Chapter 3)


We took a break from the normal routine in math today to set up Khan Academy accounts. Khan Academy will allow students to practice math skills on a computer, tracking his or her progress with generated reports back to me. I've become familiar with Khan Academy through other teachers and am excited to use this tool to supplement our classwork.

Students took the Chapter 2 test on Friday (check Edmodo for the test grade!) We begin Chapter 3: Expressions and Equations tomorrow, Tues, Sept 29. Thankfully, this is a longer and slightly slower chapter, and the next test will not be administered for at least two weeks! I hope this will give students a chance to slow down and breathe. However, please keep in mind that besides introducing new material, this chapter will call on skills practiced in chapters one and two. As always, I'm available for after school help on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

With two tests now behind us, most students have seen scores lower than what they are accustomed to seeing in a math class. This is a big adjustment for most kids and it is one of my goals to make this adjustment as smooth as possible. I will have continued discussions about this in class and I hope you will have similar discussions at home. Together we can help minimize the stress that a course like this can bring about.

What you can do at home: As noted above, talk to your child about the difficulty of an accelerated class and reiterate how proud you are of him or her (as I'm sure you do anyway!)

Thank you for your support at home,
Ms. Vila