Chapter 4: An Extension on Chapter 3

Parents and Guardians,

We've now completed chapter three in the book and have started chapter four. Chapter four is all about inequalities and is really an extension on the chapter three topics (expressions and equations). Many of the same concepts apply. It is also a short chapter having only four sections - the next test is scheduled for next Friday, Oct. 30. Since grades close on Nov. 6, the next test will be the last major grade to comprise your child's quarter 1 grade.

OK, enough about grades! It continues to be a a pleasure to see these young, brilliant minds stretching and growing on a daily basis. They are so curious, so thoughtful, and thus ask THE BEST questions. It was also great to see them work in their new groups today. Here are a few more odds and ends:

1. Unfortunately, I am not able to stay after school this Thursday (Oct. 22). I will be back on my regular after-school schedule (every Tuesday and Thursday) next week.
2. Tufts tutors are available for one-on-one math help in Medford. I received a reminder email from them this week. Here is the form they sent us for parents who are interested: Tufts Tutor Form
3. Khan Academy continues to be a great source of data for me. Below is a screenshot of what I see from my end. I can view data on specific topics for each student when I hover over the bars. The sections of the bars let me know how long was spent on each topic. (The other picture was taken on the chapter three test day.)

What you can do at home: Check out the "Algebra Balance Scales" on this website with your child. It is a nice visual of what we are doing when we balance equations. There are also some fun puzzles on that site.

Until next time,
Ms. Vila