You may have heard of the #iwishmyteacherknew craze that hit last month (April 2015). Colorado teacher Kyle Schwartz had her students finish the phrase "I wish my teacher knew…" without further instruction. The responses she received from her elementary students were both heartbreaking and eye-opening. Read more about her story and her student responses here.

I decided to include the 'I wish my teacher knew' prompt in my third quarter survey (I've surveyed my students each quarter this year) and waited with anticipation for the results. Below are a few of the responses I received. As you will see, some were uplifting, some were silly, and some made me reflect hard on how I can further improve my teaching.

Actual responses from my students: I wish my teacher knew… 
… If I don't do part of my homework it means I don't understand it.
… Class is sometimes easy and sometimes hard.
… How much she's helped me in math this year.
… Kids in class, including me, don't ask questions out loud. They just don't want to seem even dumber compared to the rest of the class.
… How to take care of a baby rhino.
… How awesome she is.
… That I like to sit front and center.
… That working with partners everyday is good.
… That it takes me a while to understand some of the more complicated sections.
… More jokes.

I plan on including this prompt on every future survey (and if you're a teacher I recommend you do too!) Thanks to my students for answering honestly - you guys rock.

Ms. Vila