Welcome to Room 223

Welcome! This blog post is just me sharing pictures of my classroom. Here's what you see as you walk through the door of room 223:

 Once inside room 223, you would quickly notice lots of whiteboards (the two longest walls plus mini whiteboards ready to go):

And everyone eventually notices these old projects:

Another point of view (from behind my desk):

Here we have our Down Time area (puzzles, brain games, and blocks) and our Donated Supplies cart (donated school supplies from last year's students):

View to the back field.  Students always ask me how I cracked my window.  The answer is I have no idea!  It's been that way since before 2009.

And finally, I had to include this picture because it took me hours to untangle the cords and hide them inside the desk. I wish I had taken a "before" picture.

Thanks for taking a look.  I can't wait to have students enjoy this space!
-Ms. Vila