How Twitter Made Me a Much Happier Teacher

Those who know me well know I love my job as an educator. But what many of even my closest friends don't know is that there was a period not too long ago when I contemplated making a career change. This time of frustration had little to do with my district, my school, and certainly not my students. Rather, my disenchantment came about from looking at the much larger picture. I realized I had chosen a career that is not well professionalized, well understood, or well respected.

Thankfully, I recalled my happy teaching days and decided to try to regain my love of being in the classroom and all that it entails. I realized I needed to find highly driven and happy teachers, teachers similar to the younger Ms. Vila, to help resurface those qualities in myself.

Enter: Twitter. I came across Twitter while looking for teacher blogs online. The more I read about teachers using Twitter, the more I knew I needed to open an account. Once in, I discovered countless teachers from around the world sharing, collaborating, and helping one another. I also discovered Twitter chats, scheduled events where participants respond to questions on a particular education topic. These chats are informative, inspiring, and fun!

I continued to "meet" connected educators and participate in chats over the next couple of months. Today, I'm continuously finding fresh ideas for my classroom and building a network of happy and inspiring Twitter-friends. The effects of this cannot be overstated: my excitement and love for the profession are back and are even higher than when I first started teaching! I didn't think Twitter would have such a positive impact, but I'm thrilled it has.

Thanks for reading,
Ms. Vila

List of Twitter Education Chats
Some of my favorite chats are #msmathchat (geared to middle school math teachers), #bfc530 (a 5:30am quick chat for all educators - I usually only have enough energy to lurk that early, but it gives me such a positive start to my day!), and #tmchat (all grade levels and content areas).

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