MCAS & Popcorn

We begin this week by taking session 1 and 2 of the 7th grade math MCAS test. Most students felt good about session 1 today and I wish them luck on tomorrow's session 2.

Wednesday we are back to a regular schedule. On that day we will begin "Ms. Vila's Popcorn Palace" group project. This project will take about a week to complete and will ask students to come up with a business plan for the Popcorn Palace company. Students will create a plan that hires a certain number of people for a certain number of hours to make a (hopefully) large profit. Other facets of the project include outside research, connections to the Massachusetts minimum wage and company taxes, and strengthening teamwork skills. A week's worth of work will culminate with group presentations, at which point I will select a winning plan to make things a bit more fun. I'm looking forward to this project as it is well received each year. Popcorn - yay!