More Statistics Fun: Comparing Distributions

As we move through our Statistics unit, I'm happy to report overall positive results from our first practice quiz (we used the Mimio "voters" technology to take this practice quiz). Students have become comfortable finding the mean, median, and mean absolute deviation of data sets and, more importantly, have continued to practice interpreting their meaning within a given context. One fun way we practiced this was with a Super Bowl data lesson, which coincided with 'Patriots Day' at school! Students were able to compute stats of the past winning and losing Super Bowl teams and used that data to make predictions for the next Super Bowl. It will be fun to see if our predictions turn out to be correct!

On Friday (Sept 18), we began comparing distributions using these statistical measures. I look forward to expanding on this topic this week, beginning with already collected data from our classes regarding family size. We will end the unit with our first official quiz on Friday (Sept 25). Reminder that I'm after school on Tuesday and Thursday this week.

What you can do at home: Check in with your child regarding his or her weekend math homework! Students should work through each part, answering the questions to the best of his or her ability. Full credit for homework will be given for a full effort attempt. Perfection is not required for full credit.

Thanks for reading and, as always, email me at if there are any questions or concerns. -Ms. Vila