Happy 2016

Team 7A parents and guardians,

I hope all 7A families are enjoying the start of the new year. Since returning to school we've been hard at work solving equations and getting a bit more comfortable with algebraic methods. I've emphasized proper format (even more than usual!) because I know how much easier their lives will be in 8th grade and high school if they gain a strong algebra foundation this year. A former student who is now in 9th grade wrote me a lovely thank you note in which he thanked me for this. I shared the note with your children and told them, "It can be a lot of work now, but you'll thank me one day!" The quiz is schedule for next Thursday, January 21.

On another note, you may have seen on Edmodo or my Instagram page that my after school help days have changed from Tuesdays and Thursdays to Wednesdays and Thursdays. Thankfully, there are now late buses running on Wednesdays.

What you can do at home: check out these mobile puzzles related to visual equations. It's a fun way to practice solving equations without realizing you're doing math. Some a few together if you wish.

Lastly, the pictures attached to this update include pictures from our December 23 (the half day before winter break) locker clean out as well as pictures of our new school art piece and the recent geography bee. Enjoy!

As always, just hit "reply" if you have a question or concern,
Ms. Vila