Wrapping Up Geometry

Hello parents and guardians,

After a tough start with our geometry unit (most students retook a quiz on Feb 26 due to initial low scores) we are now further into geometry and currently working on surface area and volume of 3D objects. One of the attached pictures shows the fun we had while discussing surface area in terms of wrapping paper.

Students will take a quiz on surface area/volume this Friday, March 18. Grades will be posted to Edmodo within the following few days.

On another note, the math department has decided to give all students a practice PARCC math test. Students will take this practice test in paper/pencil form first. We will then practice how to input answers online at a later time. Each class will take the practice test on a different day due to the length of the practice test (80 minutes). Scores will be calculated but will not be included in students' grades.

The Bruins class will take the practice PARCC math test on Monday, March 21.
The Celtics class will take the practice PARCC math test on Tuesday, March 22.
The Patriots class will take the practice PARCC math test on Thursday, March 24.

The real PARCC math test (a timed computer test) has been scheduled for May 17, 18, and 19 for our team. The ELA PARCC test is scheduled two weeks earlier on May 3, 4, and 5.

What you can do at home: Check in with your child regarding Friday's quiz. I'm happy to email your child's score if accessing Edmodo is not easy - just let me know.

Thanks for reading and for your support at home,
Ms. Vila