4th Quarter Update

7A Parents and Guardians,

I simply cannot believe we are in quarter four of the year. Times flies! For the next few weeks we will be working on various topics - both review and new material - to be as prepared as possible for the math PARCC test (which students will take May 17, 18, and 19 as mentioned in a previous note). Students will work in small groups and whole-class format and are encouraged to share strategies, mistakes, and questions. My goal is to supply at least two problem sets for students to try that will contain similar questions to those we've discussed in class. These will not be quizzes. Instead, scores will be put into Edmodo carrying the same weight as a homework assignment. This will be my way of communicating student progress during our test preparation without penalizing students harshly. In truth, if they complete their homework and show effort in class, their progress report grade will be an easy "S" for satisfactory this time around. Normal quizzes will resume after the PARCC testing is complete.

What you can do at home: Speak to your child about participation. While we all know many students are shy, at this point in the year I would like to give those students a little nudge to participate by either providing an answer, a strategy, or a question. Countless studies have shown that talking through a problem increases understanding. Your support in this simple task is very much appreciated!

Please hit "reply" if you have any questions or concerns,
Ms. Vila