Snow Day Work

Dear parents and guardians,

We have another snow day tomorrow (Monday) so I thought I'd send out a few ideas for staying busy in a productive way.  I'm willing to give a little bit of extra credit if that motivates students to do any of what's below:

1. Khan Academy practice -- if students have their username and password at home they can log in and complete practice sets.  I just updated the sets for them at

2. Puzzles & brain games -- I've compiled a list of math puzzles and brain games.  Click and scroll to the bottom of the page here --> 

3. Practicing for our Pi Digit Competition.  This is a challenge asking students to memorize digits of the number pi.  It has already been introduced in class and we were going to have the final competition tomorrow with prizes included.  I will now hold the competition on Thursday.  The most digits memorized so far on our team is 28 digits by a certain young lady in the "Patriots" class.  Here are the first couple of digits for those who want to try and beat that -->

If students log on to Khan Academy I will be able to see that and give them credit.  However, I won't know if they work on any of the puzzles or games so feel free to email and let me know if they do (with approximate number of minutes or hours spent would be helpful).  No need to let me know about the pi digit work since they will show off what they memorized in class anyway.  Again, this is all optional.  Thank you and I hope to see students on Tuesday!

Ms. Vila