Welcome to 7A Math at the Andrews Middle School

Dear parents and guardians,

I'd like to provide an initial check-in with some basic information now that we are a few weeks into the school year. We began the year with a little bit of review and are now learning adding and subtracting integers.  This is a skill students will need to succeed in higher math courses and other subjects such as physics and chemistry.  It is a tough thing to learn at first but the students are doing great with it so far.  We've had some lessons on negative numbers that have led to interesting discussions relating to debt, credit cards, mortgages, etc.  I encourage you to ask your child about these and expand their thinking!

I'd also like to include my after school help days.  The next ones are: Sept 26, Sept. 29, Oct 3, Oct 5, Oct 13, Oct 14, Oct 17, and Oct. 20.  I am also available during lunch on Wednesdays.  I will have students mark these in their agenda books throughout the year so they will always know my availability as well.  I encourage students to stay after school as needed or on a regular basis if they historically struggle with math.  Of course, some will need your encouragement for this!

Lastly, Curriculum Night is October 6 from 6:30pm-8:30pm.  I hope to see you then!

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns at this point. I thank you for your support at home.
Ms. Vila