Bingo Time for Most


While we have to complete Study Island testing on Monday, the rest of this week will be devoted to some fun Final Test preparation and review. Up first, we'll finish the bingo game we started last week. It always surprises me to realize just how simple this game is to set up for the teacher (woo hoo!) and how much fun the kids have with it (double woo hoo!) I guess it's just a classic game. Students will take my final test on Tuesday, June 16.

Red Sox class: We are in the middle of the Exponents and Scientific Notation chapter, which is also the last in the book. I enjoy introducing the exponential rules to my students. I especially love the connection to scientific notation because of my slight fascination with astronomy, a field heavy with scientific notation due to its large (to us) numbers. The Red Sox final test will also be held on June 16. I'm so proud of this class for completing both the 7th and 8th grade curriculums this year - they maintained a great attitude while working at a very accelerated pace.