My first post!

Mimio Voters

Mimio Voters

Hello there. Welcome to my website's blog page. I hope to better communicate with parents via this blog. I also hope to provide my students with helpful summaries of what we've done in class. So, let's get started!

Math Class:
We kicked off the week today with "clicker" practice MCAS questions. We're lucky to have a set of Mimio Voters in our room - the kids love using them! We also used our mini whiteboards to work out solutions. The MCAS math tests are scheduled for May 18 and 19 this year - we will be ready!

With my Bruins class I was also able to help students find the mean absolute deviation of all their 7th grade math assessments. The mean absolute deviation, or MAD, calculates how consistent a data set is. The kids thought it was neat to see how consistent they've been this year. I did this with the Patriots class last week and will complete the activity with the Celtics class tomorrow (May 5).

Coming up this week: quiz on Wednesday and practice/discussions with proportional relationships. (Please see Edmodo for specific homework assignments.)

Pre-Algebra Class:
We continue our journey through Chapter 14 (Roots and the Pythagorean Theorem) this week. Today we changed repeating decimals to fractions, which is trickier than it sounds! This was an "extension" topic in the chapter. We will work through the rest of the chapter and a full review in the next few days. Test is on Friday. (Please see Edmodo for specific homework assignments.)

Next week we're taking a break from the book to review for the MCAS (May 18 and 19). Chapter 15 and 16 will be completed after those testing days. 

That's all for now!
Ms. Vila