Up Next: Probability

Our Statistics Unit is now complete! Please check Edmodo for your child's quiz grade (he/she should be able to log in and show you) if you haven't yet.

Students were set up with Khan Academy accounts today (Mon, Sept 28). Khan Academy will allow students to practice math skills on a computer, tracking his or her progress with generated reports back to me. I've become familiar with Khan Academy through other teachers and am excited to use this tool to supplement our classwork. Tomorrow (Tues, Sept 29) we will make corrections on the quiz we just took, complete a unit reflection, and prepare to head into the next unit: Probability.

Similar to statistics, probability is a fun topic for students as it's easily related to various parts of our world. It's my hope that starting with both of these units will give students a positive beginning to their year in math!

I'm available for extra help Tuesday and Thursday after school this week. Thanks for reading and thank you for your support at home.
Ms. Vila

What you can do at home: See the first picture below? Ask your child about those numbers. They should be able to explain the significance of each and, more importantly, make comparisons between the rows and columns. Enjoy!