Fractions, and Decimals, and Integers, Oh My!

Team 7A Parents and Guardians,

We've completed our "Statistics and Probability" units and are now in the "Number Sense" standards. These topics include manipulating numbers of various forms. For example, we will do much with negative numbers, including negative fractions and negative decimals.

Some students may have trouble with these computations as they require special attention to detail and strong basic math skills. If you feel your child may have trouble in these topics, please plan ahead and have him or her stay after school on a consistent basis. Unfortunately, I am not able to stay after school this Thursday (Oct. 22). I will be back on my regular after-school schedule (every Tuesday and Thursday) next week. However, our special education teacher, Ms. Willard, will be after school on Thursday this week. The library is also open on Thursdays after school and is a great place to catch up on Khan Academy practice.

Please also remember: Tufts tutors are available for one-on-one math help in Medford. I received a reminder email from them this week. Here is the form they sent us for parents who are interested: Tufts Tutor Form

I will continue to work to add some life and fun to these math topics. A recent student survey informed me of just how much students love moving around and using the whiteboards in class. This is great news as they will be used heavily in this unit!

What you can do at home: Do you know how your child did on the probability quiz? Ask or check Edmodo! The next quiz is scheduled for Thursday, November 5. We will take a check-in practice quiz using the Mimio voters between now and then.

Thank you for reading,
Ms. Vila