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Ms. Vila's Extra Help Hours
I'm available for extra help after school two days a week and during lunch on most Wednesdays.  My after school help days vary each week due to other meetings.  A list of those days will be provided to students and parents in batches as the year progresses.

 School Library Hours
The school library is open each school day during normal school hours and after school on Thursdays until 3pm.


Sites that do not require sign up:
Math is Fun
IXL Math (20 problems per day without account)
Purple Math 
Basic Skills Handbook 
"Hands On" Practice 
Mini Lessons and Practice by Topic 
 Lesson Videos by Math Vids

Sites that require sign up (but are worth it):
Khan Academy
IXL Math (for over 20 problems per day)
Lesson Videos by LearnZillion

Math Puzzles:
Puzzle Games
Ultimate Tic Tac Toe
Ken Ken
Solve Me Mobiles

Students, what else would you like to see here?