What's the Probability of... ?

Hi there,

We've had a lot of fun with probability station activities this week and last. Stations included tasks involving random.org, coins, dice, playing cards, rock/paper/scissors, and more. We also completed a lesson involving the different combinations in packs of Starbursts. Students loved the intro video to this lesson and, since a few have asked me for the link, I've copied it here. Make sure your volume is up if you take a look! It's very, very short and you will immediately understand why middle schoolers love it. Credit to my math teacher hero, Dan Meyer: Starbursts Video

On another note, progress reports will go home on Tuesday. Below is the key team 7A uses for progress reports:

S (satisfactory) = A or B grade
NI (needs improvement) = C grade
U (unsatisfactory) = D or F grade

The next quiz is schedule for Friday, October 16.

It was so nice to meet many of you at Curriculum Night. As always, just hit reply if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you!

Ms. Vila

What you can do at home: Roll two dice. Add the numbers. Do this a few times. Which sum is most likely to come up? Why? Solve this with your child and help him or her ace the next quiz!

What you can do at home (bonus): Check out random.org with your child. My favorite part of that site is the Geographic Coordinate Generator.