Mid-October Update

Parents and guardians,

Please see the notes below. Let me know if there are any questions or concerns. Thank you for your support at home!

Our classroom

We are in chapter 4 of 16 in the accelerated math program. I have provided students extra Khan Academy problem sets for those who would like additional practice.  However, the packet and homework problems are still the best way to study for the tests.  The next test is this upcoming Monday, October 24.  

We will be in chapter 5 when quarter two begins - this is right on pace with where we should be since the rest of the chapters are longer (on average) than the first four.  Completing chapter 4 before quarter one ends gives us time to complete the entire program by the end of the year.

After school help

My next batch of after school help days are Oct 20, Oct 24, Oct 26, Oct 31, Nov 2, Nov 7, Nov 9, Nov 14, Nov 16.


The district is transitioning to SchoolBrains as an overall electronic system to record absences, grades, and parent communication.  Parents are expected to gain access for quarter two in mid-November. Once this transition happens, my grades will be found on SchoolBrains and not Edmodo.

That's it for now, thank you!

Ms. Vila